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How to Discuss Family Counseling with Your Spouse

Frustrated couple speaking with a counselorIf you are experiencing issues in your marriage that does not seem to be resolved through your efforts, you may have considered family counseling. However, bringing up the idea to your spouse can be scary. When you feel that family counseling is necessary, but are unsure as to how to talk to your spouse about it, the following tips can help you navigate the conversation.

Express Your True Feelings

In most cases, one partner is more ready and willing for therapy than the other. The key to helping the other see your side of the picture is to be real and express your true feelings on the issues you are having. People can be resistant to therapy for many reasons, so it is essential to show you have thought about this seriously.

Explain the Problem and how it is Affecting You

You want to be as honest as possible about what you are experiencing because of this issue. Your partner may not be aware of how you have indeed been affected. This will allow your spouse to see your point of view better and realize all of the ways your conflict is impacting your life.

Have a Goal

By having a set goal for your relationship and the therapy sessions, it will give you both a sense of purpose when signing up for family counseling in Westchester County, NY. Be sure to listen to your partner’s goals as well, and work to find a mutual goal for your lives with each other.

The Benefits of Seeing a Mental Health Counselor

Unhappy woman crying into a pillowMental health counseling is something on everyone’s mind. Will it work for me? Do I need it? Clinical mental health counseling is a process where the client and counselor work together to explore issues the client is having with their emotional health. Your counselor will help you develop the skills and mindset necessary to feeling emotionally sound and well-equipped to take on whatever life throws your way.

People seek out a mental health counselor in Westchester County, NY, for a variety of reasons. Counseling can be for those who have a mental illness, or who are struggling to cope with life stresses such as toxicity in the workplace, family issues, or abusive relationships.

Mental health counseling helps many people get back on track with their life. Around 80% of people in counseling experience positive benefits from the process. When you engaged in mental health counseling with Dr. John Gerson, Ph.D., you will experience the following benefits:

  • A sense of personal empowerment
  • Hope for overcoming your stressors
  • Overcoming the demoralization of mental illness by social stigmas
  • Accepting your life
  • Insight into your mind
  • Overall wellness
  • The tools to prevent future distress

Mental health counseling can help improve and even save your life. If you are interested in speaking to a mental health counselor in Westchester County, NY, contact Dr. John Gerson today by calling (914) 391-0094.