Counseling Services in Katonah, NY

First, know that I am here to help you. My name is John Gerson, Ph.D., and I have helped hundreds of people to enjoy lives that are more satisfying in more than 35 years of practice. When you choose me as your source for couples counseling in Westchester County, NY, you and I will examine the difficult issues that have affected you and work toward a solution for change.

Renew Your Love with My Marriage & Family Counseling Services

Reflecting upon oneself honestly can be quite challenging, but you will be able to make positive changes in your life with the support of my care, knowledge, compassion, and understanding. I understand that counseling may seem like a somber or gloomy affair. That is why I always look for opportunities to lighten the mood with humor when appropriate, so you will be able to relax and smile in a friendly environment where laughter and happiness are encouraged. Some of the services for marriage and family therapy in Westchester County, NY, that I specialize in are listed below:

Family Therapy

Your parents, siblings, children, and all of the other members of your family share a history with you, and they can be experts at making you miserable. You will not see eye-to-eye with all of your relatives on politics, child raising, or even the best movie of the year. Parenting brings a never-ending onslaught of new scenarios that you are supposed to master. If you have teenagers, then you can expect plenty of conflicts.

Does it help to know that is all natural? Perhaps more comforting is the truth that you can take the pain out of your family interactions by learning how to keep your cool, get along, and even settle your longstanding resentments. With my help, you may also be able to find ways to insert some fun into your time together.

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Couples Therapy

Every couple has conflicts, and even the most solid of relationships can hit a rough patch. Whether you are on the verge of giving up or just want to feel closer, I am here to help you discover how to make your partnership better as your relationship therapist in Westchester County, NY. By addressing your shared issues and discussing them with me, you will be able to reach an agreeable resolution. When we work on your relationship together, you and your partner are sure to have a brighter future full of love.

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Personal Growth

You know those people who seem to live charmed lives? There is the neighbor with the gorgeous house and perfect family. There is the friend who takes memorable vacations without ever facing a flight delay. There is the person who was downsized from his job, only to strike it big with his own company and retire early. Instead of being jealous or angry because your life may be harder than most, it is essential to consider that other people face challenges, too.

Often, they deal with challenges that you will never know about, and their lives may not be as peaceful as they seem. The ones who navigate life with grace tend to have a set of guiding principles that help them to confidently make decisions large and small to stay satisfied overall. I am here to guide you toward the development of such principles to ensure the personal growth you need for a happier life.

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Contact me for more information on my counseling services. I serve clients in Katonah, New York, and the surrounding areas within a 25-mile radius.